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Continuous Chanllenge for a Better Tomorrow


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Welcome to NS website! The basic slogan of NS: Challenge, Accurately, Correctly, Communication

With the basic slogan of CHALLENGE, ACCURATELY, CORRECTLY, AND COMMUNICATION, the core field of NS is the Total Solution of the manufacture of rechargeable batteries and optical films. Based on many years of MANUFACTURING EXPERIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, NS has engaged in customer-oriented CONSULTING, SYSTEM PROCESSING, automation solutions, state-of-the-art technology test equipment, and other apparatus designs.

As we welcome the 21st century and through ever-more daring research and development investments and forward-looking manufacturing activities, NS shall graft together the various systems technologies, TEST technologies, and state-of-the-art technologies in the IT field that we have acquired over the years and develop them to become a pioneering company in Korea’s automation systems industry.

NS shall lead new changes and do our utmost in aggressive research and development and manufacturing of superior products and, with an open mind and a spirit of challenge, actively respond to new changes and lead those changes.

Furthermore, with organic cooperation activities with organizations between industry and academia and with a management philosophy of giving back profits to society and having respect for humankind, NS shall grow further in a meaningful and sophisticated manner.

NS shall combine systems design of the high-tech industry, inspection solutions, and automation technologies to become a leader at the frontlines of our customers’ NEEDS.

Thank you very much.


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